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Ax Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from Hylocereus stenopterus and Hylocereus guatemalensis. This variety also has the species undatus in its gene. The Ax variety is a seedling from the Asunta series.  This variety is likely from an Asunta 1 or 2 and the Condor variety. The name Ax comes from Asunta Cross or A X for short. Spicy Exotics collected this variety from a tropical grower in California.


Ax’s plant growth is similar to the early Asunta series hybrids in size, shape, color, and thorns. The plant material is three-sided with small spins and green color. The Ax variety is a vigorous grower with the young tender plant material that takes longer to harden and mature. Because of this, it is straightforward to train and trellis. 


The flower is a medium-sized bloom with purple inner petals with pink edges fading to white tips while the outer petals are pure purple. We feel it is the best looking of all the purple-flowered Hylocereus hybrids. The flower bud is also impressive, resembling the Asunta series of hybrids. In Louisiana, the flower opens at dusk and closes at sunrise. When compared to other Hylocereus varieties, this is earlier. The stigma is very similar to a Connie Mayer stigma in size and shape; however, it’s much further from the anthers. Flowers of Ax are self-sterile, so we used H. undatus pollen to ensure fruit set.


Fruits weigh in at a pound or just over a pound. The fruit’s mature skin is green, making it difficult to determine when the fruit is ready to harvest. We recommend taking note when the flower opens and harvests the fruit 60 days after blooming. The purple flesh is firm with excellent flavor. Our first fruit gathered ranged from one pound to a pound and a quarter with an average brix of 19. 

In summary, this variety’s aggressive growth, beautiful flowers, and unique yet great-tasting fruit are worth collecting compared to the other Dragon Fruit varieties available at Spicy Exotics. 


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Ax – Hylocereus stenopterus X H. guatemalensis


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