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El Grullo

El Grullo is a Dragon Fruit variety from the genus Hylocereus and species ocamponis. This variety originates from El Grullo, Jalisco State, Mexico, and has exceptional tolerance to both heat and cold, and it also adapts well to most new conditions. Internet information has stated this species is closely related to Valdivia Roja. Spicy Exotics collected this variety from a tropical grower in California.


The growth of El Grullo is strong, with attractive greyish-green stems. A gray coating on the stem help protects the plant from the heat in the summertime and cold in the wintertime. These stems are very long, thick three-sided segments with prominent spines.


Flower budding to flower takes 25 days, and another 30 days from flower to fruit. Flowering blooms are impressive with bright colors and extra-large up to 15 inches in diameter. These night-blooming flowers have white petals and deep red and yellow calyx (outer peddles). Flowering happens during the hottest time during summer. The variety is self-sterile, so it will need compatible pollen from another variety.


Fruits of El Grullo are large and oval with purplish-greenish fins on red skin and deep red flesh that typically weigh a pound. The fruit has a nice sweetness with an average Brix rating of 18. Although the fruit has a nice sweetness, it has a beet-like flavor. This variety is great. Eaten fresh or check out our Pinterest page for other great uses.

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