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Lisa Dragon Fruit variety comes from the genus Hylocereus and the species polyrhizus. This variety is a Nicaraguan Dragon Fruit with dark red flesh and red skin. It is one of five know varieties to be grown commercially in Nicaragua. The fruit is delicious, having both flavor and sweetness. With an average weight of 1 pound and average brix of 18, we found some fruit had readings in the 20s. Like most red flesh varieties, the fruit is also very high in antioxidants.
Flower bud to night-blooming flower is a typical 30 days then another 30 days to harvest in South Louisiana. When the flowers open, they are some of the largest of all Dragon Fruit. When seeking fruit, you will need to find another pollinator from another species as Lisa is self-sterile and needs this to set fruit.
Growth of the stem has a greyish green color with three-sided edges that have several medium-sized spines. A gray coating is present on the stem to help protect the plant from the heat in the summertime and cold in the wintertime. DNA test shows that Rosa, Lisa, and Cebra to be considered the same. This test also shows that it can be classified under Hylocereus costaricensis or Hylocereus polyrhizus. Spicy Exotics aquired this variety from a tropical grower in California.

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3 reviews for Lisa – Hylocereus polyrhizus

  1. fuentesvanessa93 (verified owner)

    I love the cutting I received! It was a big, healthy, and healthy color of green. I can really see why people love buying cuttings from Spicy Exotics, you get your money’s worth!

  2. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Amazing large cutting! The cut of Lisa I received literally looks like a sword!!! Mature and super healthy, thank you spicy! A+++

  3. gonedigginaz (verified owner)

    Speedy shipping of 4 different varieties. The Lisa was a very generous 17″ healthy cutting, nice and firm. Planted on August 11, took about 3 weeks to root in a shady spot. Used a mixture of cactus soil, peat moss, horticulture sand, coco coir, pumice and perlite. About a month later had 2 new growths. Using Kelloggs Organic Plus Fish and Kelp Fertilizer once a month.

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Lisa – Hylocereus polyrhizus


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