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Mister Woo

Mister Woo Dragon Fruit variety comes from the genus Hylocereus and an unknown species. Internet research mentioned this variety was given to a grower then the grower labeled it the common name after the donor, Mr. Woo. Flowers are large that resemble typical Hylocereus flowers. Flower bud to night blooming flower is an ordinary 30 days then another 30 days to harvest in South Louisiana. The fruits average size is a pound with a pink/red skin with green fins. One exciting aspect of this variety is the medium-sized thorns. At first look, all aspects of this variety would appear that the fruit would have red flesh, but to our surprise, it’s a firm, deep purple flesh. The fruit is good quality with an average Brix score of 17. After the first taste, we expected a rating between 18 and 19.

Our experience with Mr. Woo gave the first fruit with a rating of 16 Brix. It was harvested a little early, and I’m sure if it was left on the vine a little longer, the brix would increase. The flesh was very firm, grape-like tangy, and a mild sweetness. We were pleasantly surprised! Spicy Exotics acquired this species of Mister Woo from a tropical grower in California.

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  1. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Received a large mature healthy cutting of mister woo! Excited to have this one. Thank you spicy exotics. Aaa+++

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Mister Woo – Hylocereus sp.


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