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Neon Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from Hylocereus setaceus and an unknown species. This variety is a self-pollinating and very fertile plant that produces an abundance of smaller fruits up to 0.5 pounds. Fruits have a reddish pulp color with a juicy texture and have a very sweet-tangy grape like flavor. Huge blooms over 15 inches across and blooms early spring to fall. It is an excellent grower and also a high producer. This variety was acquired from a tropical nursery in California.

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5 reviews for Neon – Hylocereus setaceus X

  1. Kevin Mills

    This is my favorite variety out of all I’ve got from spicy!! It has gotten the most unique 2 sided growth that looks like a paddle! It was a little bit slower than the rest to finally shoot out new growth but once it did it’s shot up just a sword with its 2 sided growth! It’s also my favorite because it feels like it has very thick skin,no rust/fisheye spots, and it only has one big spike inside each node! I can not wait to try the fruit off this variety!

  2. ronniedonohoo (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and nice looking cutting for a great price!

  3. matthewadamache (verified owner)

    An incredible setaceus hybrid, has similar characteristics to voodoo child/ sugar dragon, but it grows twice as fast! stems are a bit thinner, but still thick and meaty like most other setaceus. Certainly a good variety for collectors and growers alike.

  4. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Received and large beautiful mature cutting! Rooted and growing already! Great place to order from , fast shipping and great customer service. Thank you Tye!!! Aaa+++

  5. Gabriel Albores (verified owner)

    I received a very nice healthy 36″ cutting. Was a very nice thick sturdy straight cutting with nice healed over callus on top. Very dark green. 3 weeks after transplanting into its forever pot, it is already having new growth coming out that was planted alongside another DF, Sugar Dragon. Very happy with both cuttings and doing very well.
    *This was purchased and planted April-May in Arizona.

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Neon – Hylocereus setaceus X


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