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Pink Panther

Pink Panther Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from Hylocereus setacus and an unknown variety. It likely gets its name for its bright colored flesh. The fruit has a nice balance of acidity and sweetness and is quite refreshing chilled. The sweetness scores a rating of 19 on a Brix scale of 0 to 32 for sweetness. This variety is self-pollinating and will set fruit on its own. The pollen is a great source when crossing with other varieties. This variety grows well and is a very stable grower. This variety was acquired from a tropical nursery in California.

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3 reviews for Pink Panther – H. setaceus X H. guatemalensis

  1. Khaled

    You have the most amazing collection of Dragon fruit with the amazing photos

    Sad thing that there is no international shipping

  2. diego_melendez2001

    I ordered 2 cuttings, arrived good and healthy. Also waited close to 2 years for fruit. Must have if you like its relative sugar dragon. great flavor and it different from sugar dragon. Fruit sometimes has thorn at the base, hard to see them so be careful. handles sun just a well as sugar dragon in my area of social. I am replanting more cuttings to get more fruit from this variety.

  3. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Received an amazing long mature cutting! Looks great, rooted and new growth! Great place to do business, fast shipping and great customer care. Thank you Tye!!! Aaa+++

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Pink Panther – H. setaceus X H. guatemalensis


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