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Selenicereus setaceus

Selenicereus setaceus Dragon Fruit is a broad variety of cacti fruit from different species. Its natural habitats are tropical dry forests, tropical moist lowland forests, rocky shores, and sandy shores. Selenicereus setaceus also goes by the common name Pineapple Cactus in the USA.
The plant stems are olive-colored with meaty 3 sided growth that has shown to be a hardy grower. Thick, small spines occur along the rib of each stem. The fruits are considered small weighing around half a pound. The fruit has a red skin exterior with small fins and spines that easily brushed off the bottom of the fruit.  The fruit is similar to the Pink Panther variety. The flesh of the fruit is bright purple and has a very nice sweet taste with a Brix rating from 19 to 20. This variety was collected from a nursery in California.

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3 reviews for Selenicereus setaceus – S. setaceus

  1. Diana M Traylor

    Last one listed on my list. Exceptional plant !! Just as I have said in the past – there’s always a wonderful surprise to be receive. What a way to complete my wish list. How was my experience you ask? I got Surprises, Big and Healthy Cuttings – some with roots (just another surprise!) and I was shown through my order the appreciation for my business.

  2. Caroline GOULARD (verified owner)

    I ordered a 24-36″ cutting and got one that filled the entire length of the box. It’s super healthy looking and did a nice job growing roots in water this winter. Now it’s ready to go in the ground. Thank you!

  3. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful healthy mature cutting. Super excited to have it! Thank you spicy!!! Aaa+++

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Selenicereus setaceus – S. setaceus


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