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Sugar Dragon

Sugar Dragon is a hybrid Dragon Fruit variety from Hylocereus guatemalensis and another unknown species. This Dragon Fruit variety is a clone created by Paul Thomson called 8-S initially, and it was a cross using the Houghton and Rixford variety. The 8-S seedlings were later renamed Voodoo Child by a nursery in Florida. Then a few years after that, 8-S was renamed by a grower in California Sugar Dragon. Voodoo Child and Sugar Dragon resemble one another and are very similar to their parent, Houghton. Spicy Exotics collected this hybrid variety from the tropical grower in California who named it.


The growth of this variety is a robust grower with meaty stems that are olive green. Thick small spines occur along the rib line of each branch and can extend over five feet. Stems resemble Hylocereus setaceus in size and shape.


Flowers of this variety are huge, with blooms over 15 inches across. When fully open, it’s a few hours after sunset and closes at sunrise. The Sugar Dragon variety is typically the first and last to bloom, giving more flowing cycles, which means more fruit. Another positive aspect of this variety is its pollen can be used with almost any other Dragon Fruit plant to create fruit.


Fruit of this variety produces small quarter to three-quarters of a pound oval-shaped fruit. The external appearance of the fruit is red with tiny deep green, almost brown fins. The inner flesh is a bright red purplish color with a semi-firm, sweet texture. The first fruit tested in 2019 had an average brix score of 18. However, research has stated a mature plant can produce fruit with a score in the twenties. This Dragon Fruit is excellent eaten fresh, in jams, as a garnish, or as juice in drinks. Check out our Pinterest page for other great uses of this variety.

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4 reviews for Sugar Dragon – H. setaceus X H. guatemalensis

  1. matthewadamache (verified owner)

    Stems can be up to 3 inches wide! certainly one of the biggest and meatiest varieties i’ve had the pleasure of collecting. This variety is very hardy, can survive very hot temperatures and grows like a beast!

  2. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful mature cutting of sugar dragon. Thank you spicy exotics! A+++

  3. jtyweiss (verified owner)

    Thick and healthy cutting! Can’t wait for it to give me fruit and pollen!

  4. Gabriel Albores (verified owner)

    I received a very nice healthy 36″ cutting. Due to personal preference, i trimmed the cutting down a little so there was no curve in my cutting to go straight up my trellis set up so it likely was 30″ when it started in its forever home pot. 3 weeks after transplanting into the pot, it is already showing new growth! Very happy with this vigorous healthy growth and plant overall!
    *this was purchased and planted april-may in Arizona.

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Sugar Dragon – H. setaceus X H. guatemalensis


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