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Sweet As Candy

Sweet As Candy Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from the genus and species of Selenicereus megalanthus and Hylocereus guatemalensis. The fruit of this plant is very sweet, and this is how it got its name. Spicy Exotics acquired this hybrid variety from California.


The growth of Sweet As Candy is three-sided,  green in color, and identical to other Hylocereus guatemalensis species but smaller. Plant growth can be aggressive once the plant matures.


Bloom is small to medium-sized and identical to other Hylocereus guatemalensis species in shape and color. Flowers open just after sunset and close at sunrise. This variety was not tested for self-fertility.


In 2021, the first fruits from Sweet As Candy were harvested. They resembled the round shape of Hylocereus guatemalensis species fruit but smaller. To our surprise, this fruit had little to no acidity, unlike other Hylocereus guatemalensis species. Instead, the semi-firm flesh was a darker purple color with a sweet flavor similar to Selenicereus megalanthus species. Fruits were tested with an average brix just above 20.

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1 review for Sweet As Candy – H. guatemalensis X S. megalanthus

  1. Gabriel Albores (verified owner)

    Super vigorous! Has handled chilled temperatures well and has boomed this summer season with lots of new growth coming out and exciting to try the fruit once produced. One of the most vigorous DF i own and there’s 30+ varieties i have currently. Thank you Tye!

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Sweet As Candy – H. guatemalensis X S. megalanthus


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