• One Sunday afternoon may family and I were relaxing watching Food TV just before lunch. Playing at the time was a head to head burger competition. All sorts of burgers were being concocted up. It was getting just past lunch time and we watch several more compete with one another until it I could not handle it anymore. It was time to hit the kitchen and work up something of my own. With a recent trip to Hawaii, the house was still packed with several fresh items from the islands. This is where the other Hawaiian Burger was born. I grabbed all of the items we retrieved from our trip and seeked to prepare the other Hawaiian Burger, but this burger would not have the traditional grilled pineapple on it. Instead how does this sound?
    The other Hawaiian Burger
    • 1/3 lean ground beef fried in coconut oil
    • Sweet Maui Onions sautéed in Liliko’i (passion fruit) syrup
    • Provolone Cheese, not really Hawaiian, but what is a burger without cheese? …and I love Provolone
    • Lastly Dragon Fruit Mayonnaise, made with red fleshed Maui Dragon Fruit
    The burger had an unbelievable sweetness to it. No leftovers were found in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I don’t know when will see the other Hawaiian Burger in our house. Sweet Maui Onions, Liliko’i syrup, and Maui Dragon fruit are not found in the corner grocery store. I guess I will be planning another trip back to the islands.

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