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What customers say about Spicy Exotics

October 5, 2019

Spicy Exotics is the best place to go to get your dragon fruit cuttings. There’s an extremely large variety of dragon fruit selections to choose from, and the quality of the cuttings shipped is excellent.
Overall cost makes my purchases some of the best deals I’ve ever made. In two years, I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my labor for many years to come.
Additionally, thanks to Tye and his efforts to collect all the various dragon fruit varieties he has, we consumers benefit from it. And through our purchases, hopefully, Tye can track down those elusive rare dragon fruit varieties for our enjoyment.

September 13, 2019

“Very good size cutting! 1 cutting is about 3 times bigger than other sellers.”

August 22, 2019

“I’ve ordered a number of cuttings from Spicy Exotics. They were all affordable and arrived quickly in great condition. The last “one” turned out to be a rooted plant with two branches which was the equivalent of three cuttings! The one before that was the biggest dragon fruit segment I have ever seen. The response to being on a waiting list for cuttings was the fastest I’ve experienced. I would highly recommend Spicy Exotics as a reliable source for dragon fruit cuttings as well as for interesting and informative videos on YouTube.”

July 5, 2019

“Beautiful, healthy, and large cuttings with Fast shipping. Tye was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly. Tye also gave me several options when my first choice wasn’t available. He was able to send me a Lake Atitlan Red even though it was out of stock on his website. I highly recommend buying from Spicy Exotics. I will definitely be buying again.”

June 21, 2019

“It was a great experience ordering the dragon fruit cuttings from Spicy Exotics. The cuttings were healthy and some even have roots when received…Spicy Exotics also shipped extra cuttings. Thank you very much – will order again!”

June 18, 2019

“I only buy from Spicy Exotics for fast shipping and healthy cuttings :) 5 stars!”

May 31, 2019

“20 days & 2 of 5 Dragon Fruit cactuses have budded! Good shipping & communication!”

May 21, 2019

“Wow, these are the best cuttings I have received online! Not only did the seller (Tye) give me three extra cuttings, they where all over 12 inches easy, more like between 2 and 3 feet tall. All had nice roots and 2 or 3 had new growth on top of that!! Best place for Dragon Fruit cuttings by far!”

February 6, 2019

“Yesterday I received your cuttings and wow these are large. Very nice…. Also an extra cutting, many thanks. Very kind. I ordered cuttings before on eBay but what a difference between yours and theirs.”

January 20, 2019

“Always has the best of the best. Has hard to find varieties others don’t have…Thanks again your plants rock!”

From Our Family to Yours

Spicy Exotics is a family-owned certified nursery in Southern Louisiana specializing in Dragon Fruit.

Started in 2009, Spicy Exotics ships to all 50 states, all year long.

If you’re just getting started or looking for the very rare varieties of Dragon Fruit…

… We got you covered!