Frankies Red – S. megalanthus X H. polyrhizus


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This variety will set fruit with its own pollen

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One cutting of any size per customer, please. Let’s share as much as possible with the Dragon Fruit Community.


Frankies Red

Frankies Red Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety that comes from Selenicereus megalanthus and Hylocereus polyrhizus. Research collected has stated that this variety of Selenicereus megalanthus occurred in wild nature. The fruit of is very similar in shape and size when compared to a Yellow Dragon fruit. When the fruit emerges it turns from a green to yellow then orange. The color of the flesh when ready to eat is red with white highlights in the center of the fruit. The fruit also has an amazing sweetness with an average brix rating of 21. The stems of the plant are small and grow in long segments. They are dark green in color, three-sided, and have small thick spins. This variety is from Hawaii and is self-pollinating making easy for the fruit to set. Spicy Exotics acquired two plants of this variety from two different tropical nurseries that are both in California.

5 reviews for Frankies Red – S. megalanthus X H. polyrhizus

  1. Tye Miller

    Some of the best fruit Dragon Fruit has to offer!

  2. Diana M Traylor

    Just as I expected, great “BIG”, “HEALTHY” cuttings. I always know that I will receive the best that I can buy and I can make my purchases with 100% confidence. Now I just have to wait for the rewards of the delicious fruit to come.

  3. Mara Schaeffer

    The Frankie’s Red “cutting” I ordered arrived in great condition and one turned out to be a rooted plant with two branches. The order was the equivalent of three cuttings. Thank you so much for the extras. I’ve potted them up and am looking forward to growing them.

  4. Jesse Thompson (verified owner)

    Spicy Exotics won’t let you down when it comes to selling you a healthy cutting. My Frankie’s Red rooted in 2 weeks and immediately started growing. It has overtaken the cuttings that I had planted a month prior. Frankie’s Red is an amazing variety and I am ecstatic to have gotten my hands on it.

  5. matthewadamache (verified owner)

    Although the vines are skinny, dont be fooled by its size because it grows like a beast. Super satisfied with my cuttings, thanks Tye!

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