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Honduran Moon Torch

Honduran Moon Torch is a very rare cactus from the genus Selenicereus and the species hondurensis. It originated from Honduras and was first collected in the 1900s. The growth is round and spiny compared to other Selenicereus species. Stems are green and can have deep purple dots below each spine. The Honduran Moon Torch is very easy to grow from cuttings.

Like many Selenicereus species, this variety is nocturnal blooming with blooms staying open till late morning that is typically fragrant. Flower buds start with lots of brown hair on them. Soon after, slender floral tubes open up to 8″ wide. The flower is white and yellow with gold and bronze back petals when fully opened.

Fruits from the Honduran Moon Torch is unique, weighing about half a pound each. The exterior has light pink skin and lots of tiny fins. The flesh of the fruit is firm with small crunchy seeds. When chilled, it’s great to eat on a hot summer day. Spicy Exotics collected this variety from a grower in California.

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5 reviews for Honduran Moon Torch – Selenicereus hondurensis

  1. jthug926 (verified owner)

    Adorable little dragon. Real healthy and promising, shipped safely to my location. Just another beautiful dragon added to my family of babys

  2. Jessica Puppe (verified owner)

    FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC grower!!!! I bought this mid 2020… it’s almost 2021 and this plant is about 5.5 ft tall!! No side shoots for growth yet but I can only imagine what it will look like when that starts happening… we are training it up, similar to dragon fruit, but will make a little faux-tree to let it climb and hang from. We LOVE this one… can’t wait to gather ALL the selenicereus y’all carry!!!

  3. Caroline GOULARD (verified owner)

    Shipped with care. Bought in December 2020 and already rooting in zone 10b (So CA) within weeks. Tiny as a pencil, cute as can be. Can’t wait to see it grow and climb.

  4. tracy.menard (verified owner)

    I order the HMT in Dec 2020, it rooted very quickly and started a new growth in mid January of 2021. In the last 2 weeks Hawaii has had a large amount of rain and I learned it does not like too much water. The DF is adorable and so are the new growths, I’m excited to see it flourish.

  5. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Amazingly large mature cut! Looks great and super healthy. Very unique! Thanks Tye.

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Honduran Moon Torch – Selenicereus hondurensis


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