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K1 Dragon Fruit variety comes from the genus Hylocereus and the species undatus. The fruit is self-fertile and is usually self-pollinating. This variety is most known for its very large fruit that typically weighs over 1.5 pounds. This makes the fruit one of the largest of the white-fleshed varieties. It can be compared to the Vietnamese White variety in all aspects. The plant is fast-growing and very strong with minimal yellowing from the sun. In 2017 an interesting transition happened from flower bud to fruit. You can view how new stem growth turned into a flower bud by clicking here. This variety was acquired from a grower in California.

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2 reviews for K1 – Hylocereus undatus

  1. Kevin Mills

    I got this variety before I knew to much about any of the varieties cuz my name start with a k so I figured the k-1 was a good one to try Out! I am sooo happy that I did get this one because after reading up on the k-1 I’ve found out that it’s one of the biggest fruit producers size wise! It was a slower one to start new growth but like other slow ones once it started up u can’t believe how quick it then grows!!

  2. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Great variety to have. Received a large mature cutting of k1, growing like a champ. Thank you spicy exotics. Aaa+++

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K1 – Hylocereus undatus


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