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Natural Mystic

Natural Mystic Dragon Fruit is a hybrid variety from the genus Hylocereus and the species polyrhizus and undatus. This variety was introduced to Florida by import from Thailand, where it is grown commercially in Homestead. The best characteristic of this variety is it is one of few red-fleshed varieties that are self-fertile. Spicy Exotics collected this variety of Dragon Fruit from a grower in Louisiana.


The growth of Natural Mystic is truly unique compare to other Dragon Fruit varieties. The mature stems’ plant growth has a meaty flesh that is three-sided and small to medium-sized spines. We have noticed on this variety it is susceptible to rust. Growing Natural Mystic in well-composed material will help control this issue. The rust usually appears during the rainy season. When rust spots begin to show, we recommend removing that cutting to control the issue and add more compost.


The flower is a large-sized bloom with inner petals, a pure white and yellow fading to red on the outer petals’ tips. The flower buds on Natural Mystic are similar to most red-fleshed species flower buds. In Louisiana, the flower opens a couple of hours after dusk and closes a couple of hours after sunrise. Pollen from the flowers is plentiful, making it a great source of pollen to pollinate self-sterile varieties. Flower open to fruit is 35 days in South Louisiana.


Natural Mystic is a consistent producer of red-fleshed fruit that typically weighs 1 pound. The fruit is semi-sweet with an average brix rating of 15. To get even larger Dragon Fruit, Spicy Exotics recommends hand pollination and bud thinning.  In 2016 this variety produced one of the largest fruit I have ever seen. The fruit weighed over 2 pounds and had a brix rating of 19 with an amazing watermelon flavor. The reason why this fruit was so large and good was due to a couple of reasons. Natural Mystic during the summertime tends to rupture if left on the vine too long. This large fruit in 2016 was a late bloomer and was harvested in the fall. During this time, cooler weather set in and allow the fruit to stay on the vine longer. This allowed the fruit to get larger and sweeter than normal.

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3 reviews for Natural Mystic – H. polyrhizus X H. undatus

  1. diego_melendez2001

    Ordered 2 cuttings, good and healthy. Waited almost 2 years for fruit, worth it. The flower was beautiful looked like velvet and the fruit was delicious. I did not brix the fruit because that was not the only trait I was looking for. Good source for pollen and confirmed self fertile. A keeper for me. only reason I gave a 4 is because I live in Los Angeles and it did not handle some hot days well, got sun burned. Other than that, great variety.

  2. EPS R-1829 (verified owner)

    My firstborn was born yesterday.
    It only took 20 days, from bud to flower opening.
    Natural Mystic, from spicyexotics, purchased July 18, 2020.

  3. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Very large and healthy cutting of natural mystic. Spicy exotics is a great place to buy varieties and pleasure to buy from. Thank you Tye! AAA+++

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Natural Mystic – H. polyrhizus X H. undatus


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