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Ohana Express

Ohana Express is a rare hybrid variety from Hylocereus polyrhizus and Selenicereus megalanthus. This variety is a seedling grown from the Desert King variety. Desert King is a hybrid variety developed in Israel for commercial use (4126). This seedling was propagated in Hawaii, and this is where Ohana Express gets its name. Spicy Exotics collected this Dragon Fruit variety from a grower in Hawaii.


Growth is three-sided and olive green in color. In appearance, it is very similar to Yellow Dragon but thicker. Three small spins occur along the edge of the cutting, with the edge of the cutting dipping between spins.


Like many Selenicereus species, this variety is nocturnal with fragrant blooms. The first flowers occurred ten months after planting cuttings making Ohana Express the fasted cutting to flower we have yet to see. Flower buds to flower bloom took 21 days. When flowers are fully open, they are large-sized similar to the  Yellow Dragon variety, with white and yellow flower petals and yellow and deep red back petals. This variety is self-fertile; however, minimal pollen exists in each flower.


Louisiana’s first fruits were tiny compared to those grown in Hawaii, but second and third-year fruit was more comparable. The exterior skin is red with little green-tipped fins. Thorns occur at the base of the fruit. However, this can be brushed off easily before picking. Flower to fruit took 60 days to harvest with an average brix rating of 19. Fruits were mildly sweet and had a tangy berry flavor that lingered in your mouth, wanting more. Check out our taste-testing video here. To achieve this flavor profile, pick the fruit 1 to 3 days after it begins to turn red. For a sweeter, less tangy fruit, leave it on the vine for 10 to 12 days after it turns red.

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2 reviews for Ohana Express – H. polyrhizus X S. megalanthus

  1. matthewadamache (verified owner)

    It grows fast, roots quick, overall a very hardy and tolerant plant!

  2. CARLOS PABILONA (verified owner)

    I’ve got a rooted cutting, very healthy and mature. Its a dream come true to have this variety as i have been waiting everyday to see if OH will become available. Finally, on 9/15/20, got the only cutting available. Oh what a beauty! Can’t wait for the fruit which is one of the best tasting dragon fruit ever

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Ohana Express – H. polyrhizus X S. megalanthus


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