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Sin Espinas

Sin Espinas Dragon Fruit variety comes from the genus Hylocereus and an unknown species native to Nicaragua. It is one of five known varieties to be grown commercially there but the only plant of the five that are considered thornless, yes THORNLESS! Flowers are large that resemble typical Hylocereus flowers. The fruits average size is a pound with thick pink skin with green fins. All aspects of this variety would appear that the fruit would have purple flesh, but to our surprise, it’s a firm, deep red flesh. The fruit is good quality with an average Brix score of 17. Like most red flesh varieties, the fruit is also very high in antioxidants. Flower bud to night-blooming flower is a typical 30 days then another 30 days to harvest in South Louisiana. The most interesting aspect of this variety is its lack of spins. Yes, we repeated it, it’s thornless. The stems are thin and very light with 1 to 2 tiny spines near the areole considering this variety to be spinless.

Our experience with Sin Espinas has been promising. The first fruit at Spicy Exotics gave a rating of a 16 Brix. We harvested a little early, and I’m sure if it was left on the vine a little longer, the brix would increase. The flesh was very firm and tart. It tasted just like cherries, and we loved it! Spicy Exotics acquired two different species of Sin Espinas. One was from a cactus nursery and the other from a tropical grower, both from California.

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2 reviews for Sin Espinas – Hylocereus sp.

  1. Caroline GOULARD (verified owner)

    I got a nice long cutting, rooted really well during winter

  2. gonedigginaz (verified owner)

    Speedy shipping of 4 varieties. See my review on Lisa, Physical Graffiti and Vietnamese White. Slender green 36″ cutting. Potted on August 11. Almost a month for root growth in a shady spot. Then moved plant where it would receive 5 hrs of AZ morning sun. Six weeks after potting developed a new top growth which is now 23″! Used a mixture of cactus soil, perlite, pumice, horticulture sand, peat moss and coco coir. Fertilized with Kelloggs Organic Plus Fish and Kelp once a month. Don’t hesitate to purchase when it becomes available!

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Sin Espinas – Hylocereus sp.


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