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Tricia is a Dragon Fruit variety developed by a California Fare Growers Association member named after this member’s daughter. It is a cross between Hylocereus ocamponis and a Hylocereus undatus Dragon Fruit variety. Spicy Exotics collected two strands of this variety, one from a nursery in Florida and the other from a grower in California.


The plant is a vigorous grower with attractive greyish-green stems. The gray coating on the stem help protects the plant from the heat in the summertime and cold in the wintertime. These stems are very long, thick three-sided segments with large spines.


Flower budding to flower takes 25 days, and another 30 days from flower to fruit. When flowering, the blooms are impressive with bright colors and extra-large, up to 15 inches in diameter. Once mature, the plant flowers during the summertime. The variety is self-sterile, so that it will need compatible pollen from another variety.


Once pollinated, the fruit is a good size with an average weight of one pound. The fruit is egg-shaped with a unique look, having many small fins. The red-fleshed fruit has a nice sweetness with no acidity or aftertaste. Some who have tasted it say it has a sweet beet flavor. In addition, the fruit also has a brix score as high as 19. This Dragon Fruit is excellent eaten fresh, in jams, as a garnish, or as juice in drinks. Check out our Pinterest page for other great uses of this variety.

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2 reviews for Tricia – H. ocamponis X H. undatus

  1. matthewadamache (verified owner)

    Absolutely astonished at how unique this variety is. I received two tall meaty cuttings, which already came with roots! im super excited to see how its gonna turn out

  2. Stephan Marshall (verified owner)

    Beautiful mature cutting of Tricia! Glad to have cuts from spicy! Fast shipping, great people. Aaa+++

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Tricia – H. ocamponis X H. undatus


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