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Vietnamese White

Vietnamese White is a variety imported from Vietnam. It has night-blooming large fragrant flowers that emerge in late spring to early fall. When pollination occurs an egg-shaped pink colored fruit with green fins will appear. This variety has a white flesh that is tangy with a watermelon texture and small eatable seeds. In fact, the dramatic color contrast between the inside and outside is what makes this variety so popular among growers and consumers worldwide. Stems are three-sided with small spines along the rib. Budding is very heavy and is suggested to thin out to produce even larger fruit. If you are a first time Dragon Fruit grower, this is the choice for you. The main reason why is this variety is self-pollinating meaning it will set fruit without being hand pollinated. Spicy Exotics collected this variety from its homeland in Muang District, Ratchaburi, Thailand.

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4 reviews for Vietnamese White – Hylocereus undatus

  1. Preston Bozeman

    These are the largest and fattest cuttings I have ever seen. I am very, very, satisfied with this product, thanks tye!

  2. Kirbo

    The cutting is big and juicy! It’s looking good with two new growths! Thanks so much Tye!

  3. brihood2010 (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 and both came in packed very well, and in great condition. I planted them in a permanent pot and one of them grew its first branch last week. I’m so excited. Healthy plants and I cannot wait to have fresh dragon fruit available.
    Ordered another variety recently as well and it should ship out soon.
    Thank you, Spicy Exotics!

  4. gonedigginaz (verified owner)

    Speedy shipping of 4 varieties. See my review of Physical Graffiti, Lisa and Sin Espinas. Green, healthy, fat 24″ cutting. This variety was recommended for a beginner Dragon Fruit grower, which I am. Potted on August 11 in a mixture of cactus soil, peat moss, pumice, perlite, horticulture sand and coco coir. About 3 weeks to root in a shady spot. Moved to a spot where it would receive 5 hrs. of morning AZ sun. This was the last one to develop new growth. It took seven weeks from potting before showing new side growth, which is now about 1″. Fertilized once a month with Kellogg Organic Plus Fish and Kelp. Don’t hesitate to purchase when it becomes available!

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Vietnamese White – Hylocereus undatus


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