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Zamorano Dragon Fruit is a Hylocereus polyrhizus hybrid that is native to Honduras. It is a variety collected from the agriculture university, and this is where it received its name. Our variety was acquired from a grower in Florida.


The growth on the variety is a darker green three-sided growth with medium-sized spines. As a starter, growth is on the slower side but gets better when mature. Because of this slow growth, supplies are limited, and this plant sells out yearly.


Flowers are night-blooming and are quite huge, over 14 inches across. When fully open, it’s a few hours after sunset and closes at sunrise. This variety is a great source of pollen, as well as one of the first varieties to bloom and continue to flower all year long.


This variety is a small to medium-sized fruit typically weighing .75 to 1 pound. The skin of the fruit is red with dark green fins. The flesh is crimson red and has a sweet, mild flavor. This Dragon Fruit is excellent eaten fresh, in jams, as a garnish, or as juice in drinks. Check out our Pinterest page for other great uses of this variety. Some have said the fruit of Zamorano is awful tasting. However, this is not the case with our variety. This is usually the case when growing in different regions of the country or world or a mislabeled plant material.

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