The 2015 growing season started with rain nearly everyday in April and May. Once June came around the rain slacked off with only to occasional scattered thunder shower. July showed no moisture at all and so for, August looks the same. To top it all off, temperatures have reached triple digits multiple times and the forecast seems to be much of the same. Although Dragon Fruit likes sun, too much of it will cause it to sunburn. Protection like shade cloth can be brought in to help your plant. With the summer heat, it seems more critters make themselves noticed. This was the case one hot morning when I walked up to a very aggressive non venomous Blue Runner snake that was sun bathing on top of one of the Dragon Fruit planters. The snake was resting about 5 feet up from the ground looking eye to eye with me.  I did not think I was afraid of snakes, but this one sure did make me jump. The snake stayed there for about an hour, following my movement, smelling his surroundings every 10 seconds or so. Now, before doing any plant inspections or harvesting, I scan for snakes first.

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